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For Thames Valley Mains Rehabilitation Works Dunsfold Godalming Surrey GU8

Ashenden Road Guildford Aylesbury Surrey GU2

Vann Lane Guildford Godalming Surrey

Drilled across a roundabout and then proceeded to work under a road closure - SG18 8QB

Our team are currently working on the Offaly water mains Rehabilitation & Conservation project in Kilcormac, Co Offaly. A total of 7km of the old water distribution network is being replaced. To date GMAC Utilities Ltd using a Ditch Witch JT 30 machine has directional drilled 1km of 125mm and 1km of 180mm new water main pipes. GMAC Utilities Ltd have been sub-contracted by the main contractor GMC/SIERRA to carry out the works for IRISH WATER.

Our team using one of our JT 30 Machine Horizontal Directional Drill are currently working on the Water Mains Rehabilitation & Conservation project in Edenderry, Co Offaly. A total of 7 km of water main pipes are being replaced. To date we have directionally drilled approximately 1km of 125mm and 1km of 180mm pipe in Endenderry. GMAC Utilities Ltd are sub-contracted by the main contractor GMC/Sierra to carry out the works.

Our team using a Ditch Witch JT30 drill installed 40 meters of a 90mm HDPE gas pipe under made ground with minimum disruption to the existing surface finish.


Using our Ditch Witch JT60 Drilling Machine we successfully installed 4 x 225mm Electric ducts to a depth below 3 meters under the A52 Nottingham . GMAC Utilities Ltd were responsible for organising the excavation , pipe welding and drilling teams. We also liaised with Highways England to ensure a safe Traffic Management System was in place for the works. All works were carried out day and night due to the traffic loads on the A52 during the day. Our team butt welded and internally debeaded the ducts before installation. Our team located all known utilities and services along the drill path before drilling. It took the team four days and three nights  to install 4 x  225mm SDR11 Ducts under the A52 Clifton Boulevard. The works were carried out on behalf of the contractor Green Frog Connect for the client Western Power Distribution.



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