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Our team using one of our  Ditchwitch JT30 Horizontal Directional Drills, installed 150 meters of a 90mm Gas main under the Bisley Old Road. The new main was installed for the purpose of a new gas supply for a housing development on behalf of the client Markey Construction.

Our team using one of our JT30 Directional Drilling machines installed 600 metres of 250mm Gas Main under Atherstone Road, Measham. Works were carried out on behalf of the client Forterra Building products.


Our team using our JT30 Directional Drill installed 100 metres of 90mm SDR11 under a recently laid footpath for the purpose of a new MP gas main. This allowed for minimal disruption to the public and saved the client on the expense of costly reinstatement. 


Our team using one of our Ditch Witch JT30 Horizontal Directional Drills installed 1300 metres of a 125mm MP gas main. The installation included a dual carriageway crossing.

Our team installed 160mm pumping sewer at a distance of 360 meters along a road verge and under a busy roundabout. Works were carried out on behalf of Maypine Civils for the client Bellway Homes.

GMAC Utilities used our JT30 drill to install a 315 pe gas main to supply 12 V16 Engines at the Green Frog power station.

The Engines burn gas to generate a 12Mw capacity of power to help support the national grid.

One of our teams installed 118 metres of 90mm PE in Redditch, Worchestershire.

Our objective to drill in a 63mm and 160mm PE pipe across two fairways and a public road crossing with the minimum disruption to the golf course. The purpose of the pipes was to provide a water supply for the new irrigation sprinkler watering system. The work was carried out on behalf of Arden Lea Irrigation and the Client Pyle & Kenfig Golf Course.


Our objective was to drill two 48 metre long 250mm PE pipes to be used as a gravity drain from the lake to a stream. The two pipes were to run side by side, under a large mound with a depth of 9 metres and containing a water main. Our team completed our task successfully using our JT30 machine and the lake now drains into the stream naturally without the use of an expensive diesel pump. With the help of the new drain to maintain the level of the lake this old gravel quarry is on its way back to a nature reserve. This project was carried out for our client Tarmac a CRH company.

GMAC Utilities objective was the installation of a 3 metre deep 180mm PE gravity foul sewer between two houses in Cheltenham. Due to the sandy soil structure, the sewer could not be installed using an open cut method as the risk of trench collapse and damage to the foundation was to high. The sewer was successfully installed using the JT30 Directional Drill. The works carried out on behalf of sub contractor Renlec Groundwork and the client Charles Church.


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