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Aurger boring under a main road in Co. Cork, Ireland. The purpose of the duct is carry the electrical cables for an ESB windfarm.

Auger Boring is a jack and bore trenchless method of installing pipe, generally steel. A pit is dug either side of the work area to allow for plant machinery used in the boring procedure. This method uses an Auger inside the steel casing, which reduces the likelihood of ground settlement from the excavation. As the Auger is drilling the excess soil is transferred out of the pipe and the steel pipe remains in situ . Once installed the next length of pipe is welded to the end and the process continues until all the pipe is installed. This method is a popular solution to install utilities where settlement is an issue, like railways, highways etc.

GMAC Utilities Ltd are setup to to install 323mm , 406mm , 508mm and 601mm pipe.